Sanitizer Dispenser & Temperature Stand

4 in 1 Self-Stand

Create a Safe Environment

For your customers & employees by checking temperatures & providing hand sanitizers in one location.

Retail For Over $600!

Each component is normally only available separately. The sanitizer dispenser, digital thermometer, poster display, stand, and shipping.

Get Everything In One For Only $350

Discounts for orders of 2 or more!

Ships From California

4 in 1 Stand

Create a safe environment for EVERYONE.


For Schools, Offices, Businesses, Hair Salons & Retail Shops

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Our easy-to-assemble station includes a refillable touch-less automatic dispenser with a drip tray and a lightweight floor stand.


Ships in 1-2 business days. Depends on the number of units.

It ships from Los Angeles, CA

The dispenser has a universal, refillable 1200mL reservoir that takes most liquid or gel sanitizer.

No, but we have the foam option if want to use a foam pump. We can easily switch it out of we can include the additional pump for an extra fee.

Yes, there is an infrared sensor that automatically dispenses when your hand is underneath.

Depends on which pump you select. We have a foam, liquid or gel pump.

You will get roughly 1600 dispenses before needing to refill the reservoir.

The unit works with either FOUR (4) C Batteries (1.5V) or DC 6 Volt, 1 AMP (6V, 1A) adapter plug. Batteries or the cord are not included.

It takes four (4) C Batteries (1.5 V). Batteries are not included.

No, batteries are not included.

We are not offering refunds or returns on our stands unless there is damage upon delivery, or there is a defect in materials or craftsmanship affecting the quality and functionality.

No, but we can design it and either print it on our end or send you the finale file so you can print it. Design $100.