How Website Visitors Can Tell You What Your Keywords Are Right Now!

Use Online Conversations to Generate Website Keywords!

In today’s market, consumers are spending ever increasing amounts of time online. According to a 2020 Digital Report by Hootesuite, 60 percent of people in the world are online. Of that 60 percent, users are spending an average of nearly 7 hours a day on the web. Furthermore, a significant portion of this time spent online was devoted to social media platforms, and as an extension, chatting.

With the world wired in, it only makes sense that taking advantage of this high level of screen time is advantageous to your business. You may already know that generating the right keywords can help your business’s website rank and make it more visible to potential customers. However, determining what keywords to use can be a challenge.

How do online chat bots work?

Thankfully, there are ways to more easily determine what words are driving your website traffic. One such method is by taking advantage of the time web surfers spend chatting. Installing a chat feature on your website that uses simple conversational AI technology to speak directly with site visitors can help you determine what your keywords are organically. 

By using domain specific NLP, or domain specific natural processing language, these bots can learn how your individual customers speak, and store data that you can use to target customers. Over time, this technology grows more effective and is able to generate more specific replies to customer queries. The information provides you with a closer look into your demographic, and compiles common keywords that can be used to build a stronger SEO strategy. 

Generate Return Customers

In addition to telling you what keywords to use, integrating chat features into your website creates a more personalized customer experience. This can translate directly into increased sales, and a heightened desire to work with your business. A 2017 Segment study reported that 44% of consumers are more likely to do repeat business with a company they felt they had personal experience with. Chat features supply this personalized experience without requiring more active or attentive personnel. 

In addition to organic keyword sources, using online chat bots is also simple to implement and can be highly customized to your business’s specific needs and customer base. While real people may not be able to keep pace with an influx of web traffic, an online chat bot feature does not face these challenges. 

If you’re looking to kick start your Google strategy, and are looking to understand your consumer better, 3N can help. We can assist you in implementing a fully functional chat software on your online business to help create a personalized experience for your consumer, and help you gather data and keywords for your own marketing strategies. 

To get started in implementing an online chat bot on your website, speak to one of our representatives today.

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